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EBS Inkjet codeersystemen: de high tech apparatuur voor zeer snelle en complexe inkjet-coderingen.
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A category of industrial printers with a single continuous jet of ink.
The devices are designed for labelling objects moving on a factory conveyor without requiring direct contact. Systems for labelling stationary objects are also available. They are based on moving print-head technology, where the print-heads are controlled manually or automatically. The printers can produce prints varying in height from 1 mm to a maximum of 15 mm, at a high print rate on practically any material or type of surface. Printers with continuous ink jets fall into the category of so called Small Character Print printers (SCP).


HANDJET® EBS-260 is an innovative product made by EBS Ink-Jet Systems.
Our new product is a portable, handheld, ultra compact and light INK-JET printer equipped with an electromagnetic valve-based print head, a battery and wireless control. This unique device weighing only 1580 grams has been developed for the users who use the freedom of marking, coding and labeling of their products at any place and at any time as the major criterion of choice. This device is also for the users who show a high demand for cost effectiveness and operating efficiency and as the same time very excessive demand for extended utility functions. The HANDJET® EBS-260 printer offers all basic capabilities typical of INK-JET printers.


TJ100 hochlauflösender Tintenstrahldrucker bis 12,5 mm Druckhöhe und bis zu 90M/Min Geschwindigkeit.

EBS-250 handheld


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